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President Laura Allen

I am very proud to serve as your 2018-2019 Department of Connecticut President of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary. I am very honored and humbled by your confidence in me. I will do my very best to represent you.

We all know that no one person comprises the Auxiliary alone. It takes a team of dedicated, hardworking individuals to make great leaps and bounds in representing and supporting our Veterans on Legislative issues and protecting their rights. It takes methodical and consistent acts of kindness to assist our Veterans who are hospitalized, and assist our Veterans and their Families in our community. We need to take the time to notice who in our community, perhaps the Veteran we are working beside, needs our help. Please show our Veterans your helpful caring side.

My belief in a strong loving community, and gratefulness to our Veterans and their families for the sacrifices they have made for our country, lead me to my theme: ‘Serving Our Veterans’. I firmly believe in this. We owe them a debt. It only takes one person to make a difference in the life of a Veteran. Will it be you?

My symbol is: A frog, holding a Buddy Poppy, sitting on a turtle. It represents the ever-present individuality of our members; some fast, some slow.Team members work together toward one common goal and completing the task at hand. We must be patient and understanding of others and their disabilities, even if it is the person working beside you.

My Special Program is "Unmet Needs”. This program serves our Veterans and their Families quickly and with due process. Please support this program and spread the good word of its accomplishments

Laurie Allen

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State Auxiliary Officers

President Laura Allen

Senior Vice President Rose Angelicola

Junior Vice President Lynn Watkins

Treasurer Anne Philippon

Secretary Sharon Messenger

Chaplain Maureen Ducat

Conductress Deborah Breault

Guard Pam Holden

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