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I may not always believe in and trust our government, but I will ALWAYS believe and trust the American Soldier.  You have taken a sacred oath to protect the many FREEDOMS that so many of us take for granted.  Please understand that I am grateful for your sacrifice(s) and your service on my behalf.  It is an honor to call you "My Countrymen".


Our 97th Annual Convention

Our 97th Annual Convention is now in the history book with another team of State Officers and Chairmen both in the Veterans of Foreign Wars and our Auxiliary.  Attached are pictures of State Commander Robert Priest and State Auxiliary President Christine Smith and a group photo with Past Commander-in-Chief Thomas Pouliot taken by Dave Greene. Were now starting a new administrative year, and we would hope that the post commander assemble their teams to start working on their membership programs right out of the gate, rather then wait until September, because with subscription dues you have comrades in your post who's dues are coming due in  every month of the year, not like the old way when they all expired on December 31st. Please put some effort into that most important program.  Just a little work on it every month will make a big difference. 

  Ron Rusko - 6/12/2017
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