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"Patriotism is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime." I agree wholeheartedly that it is the dedication of a lifetime that defines true patriotism.  You all have given not only your time, dedication and effort, but—most importantly—your very being to the protection and advancement of this great country. You work tirelessly for the rights of the veterans who serve our country, while conducting the nation’s finest civic training to instill young future leaders with the knowledge, understanding and wisdom to govern this country.


Veterans of Foreign Wars presents three Burger King Restaurants in Connecticut

April 7, 2017

Contact:  Lee Wilson, National Military Services Chairman,

Veterans of Foreign Wars, Connecticut



Veterans of Foreign Wars presents three Burger King Restaurants in Connecticut with an award for outstanding generosity to the Unmet Needs Program for military veterans


The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) NationalHeadquarters in KansasCity, MO has recognized three Burger King Restaurants inConnecticut for their participation in the National VFW Unmet Needs Program. The restaurants were presented recently with a plaque of appreciation by Lee Wilson, Chairman of National Military Services of the VFW in Connecticut. Wilson, a Desert Storm veteran, also serves asDistrict 3 Commander for the VFW in Connecticut as well as works for the VFW Departmentoffice in Rocky Hill, CT.

According to the National VFW website, the Unmet Needs Program provides grants and referrals to other organizations to active duty or recently discharged service members and their immediate families to assist with basic life needs. To receive a grant, the service member has to be on active duty or discharged from active duty within 72 months prior to applying, and negatively affected by their military service. Everyone is eligible to receive referrals and resource information.  Unmet Needs assists with any expenses that are classified as "basiclife needs", which includes, but is not limited to the following: housing expenses such as mortgage, rent, repairs, insurance, vehicle expenses such as payments,repairs, insurance, utilities and primary phone, food and incidentals, children's clothing, diapers, formula, necessary school or childcare expenses, and medical bills, prescriptions and eyeglasses - the patient's portion for necessary or emergency medical careonly.

Burger King has been a partner of Unmet Needs nationally since 2007. It has donatedover $3.84M in contributions from franchise owners, employees and their loyal customers. Unmet Needs has assisted over 4,000 military families with grants totaling over $6 million since 2004.

The Burger King Restaurants in Connecticut receivingplaques from the VFW are located in Windsor Locks, EastWindsor and Enfield, owned by franchisee Stan Paulauskas who owns stores in Massachusetts as well. According to Wilson, "these three restaurants are outstanding in their support for recently returned veterans, and their families, who have to re-adjust to normal life after serving our country.  This program can provide financial aid of up to $5,000 to assist with basic life needs.The VFW thanksthe Burger King franchisees, their employees and customers in WindsorLocks, East Windsor and Enfield for showing their care for our military veterans and their families."

Any recently returned military veteran who has an unmet need is encouraged to contact Wilson at the VFW Connecticut Department office at: 860-616-2365. As National Military Services Chairman, Wilson can assist any veteran, and their family, with three programs such as Unmet Needs, Military Assistance Program (MAP) which connects the VFW with the military community and VFW Operation Uplinkwhich provides troops in Afghanistan and Kuwait with Free Call Days that allow them to call home to the U.S. for free. These three programs are part of an overall mission of the VFW that says "No One Does More for Veterans."

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  Lee Wilson - 4/7/2017
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